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Sheboygan Wedding Photographers
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Timely Work

Our streamlined wedding photography editing process utilizes the full capabilities of the very latest in modern professional gear which minimizes the need to spend hours and hours editing your images.  This allows us to keep our business overhead low and keep prices down, as well as insures you receive your finished wedding pictures much quicker.

See Before You Pay

Your finished Wedding Photo proofs are uploaded to your own personal password protected gallery for review.  Decide on the pictures you like and add them to the cart.

Buy the Ones You Love

You only pay for the pictures you want!  Pricing is based on a per-image fee.  YOU decide how much you want to spend on your wedding photography.  Spend your whole budget now or wait until you get your other wedding expenses squared away and come back later. 

We take all the risk.

We’re motivated to provide you with the absolute best in Sheboygan wedding photography.  We have to or else we don’t get paid!  Why should you have to pay for wedding pictures you do not particularly like?  Most wedding photographers only give you the choice of buying ALL of your pictures at once.  Most of the time you pay for them before you even see them.  This is the current standard business model for other Sheboygan wedding photographers that ensures they can make a profit and stay in business.  Professional wedding photography is a business and it requires a lot of time, expensive equipment, and expertise to do well.  Professional photographers deserve to get paid for their work!  However, you as the consumer also deserve to get what you pay for.  What happens if the photographs you already paid for are not what you expected?  

This is why we’ve adopted the simple per-image pricing model.  We want you to be happy with your pictures so much that we are willing to let you decide BEFORE you pay for them.  

Mandaki Photo
Dan Maki – Photographer – Mandaki Photo

Buy What You Want

You only pay for the wedding photographs you want!  5 or 500 wedding pictures, you decide what fits your budget!

Digital Downloads

Your wedding photographs are delivered by instant Digital Download.

You like, you buy, you have it.

You Print

Full personal reproduction and print rights are included with every image you buy.  Print them as you wish and where you wish.  For the best quality prints we recommend you go with a real professional print house (not your local big box store).  We have an option to order professional prints at competitive prices in your client area.